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Replace manual processes and reduce mistakes as well as wasted time and money
Process efficiency and transparency by digitizing procurement process
Reduce spend by Improving quality and procurement accuracy
About Indoproc

Pioneering Indonesia's
Cloud e-procurement

PT Inkomaro Indoproc Solusi (Indoproc) is a cloud-based procurement technology provider that aims to help businesses achieve increased productivity and cost reduction. 

Since 2015, we have worked with more than 200 companies in Indonesia and Malaysia to implement an e-Procurement system to identify cost-saving opportunities to gain cost efficiencies and increase transparency.

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Procurement Challenges We’re Addressing

Through the Indoproc system, you can make the procurement process digital – including the purchase requests, approvals, budgets, approvals, contracts, vendor’s performances and detailed purchasing activity reports.

Offline & Manual Processes

Purchasing process is done using different systems (paper, excel & ERP), resulting in mistakes (human errors), as well as wasted time and money

Unstructured Data

Difficult to perform analysis / audit of purchases because product and vendor data is disorganized

Challenges In New Business Process Implementation

Traditional ERPs and systems require a lot of time and effort to fully implement

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